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The MulticultiArt Youth Project


  • TEnable institutions and partner organizations active in the artistic and cultural fields to modernize their working methods in order to make their activities more visible, accessible and sustainable for all citizens, in particular young people;
  • Strengthen the links between institutions, organizations and individuals active in the fields of art and culture to partner in a common project of community development through the development of the smart city, actively engaging young people;
  • Create a digital and interactive platform to promote, encourage, develop and bring out artistic and cultural practices, and make them more accessible and inclusive, while stimulating, mobilizing and engaging a diverse network of partners active in these fields;
  • To develop the digital and pedagogical skills of cultural actors and educators, to facilitate the development of strong and varied partnerships to actively engage in the implementation of an interactive platform in terms of art and culture and to engage as e-tutors in the non-formal artistic and cultural education of young people at a distance;
  • To promote dynamic and interactive non-formal distance learning, to develop the artistic and cultural skills and practices of young people, to encourage their collective and individual creativity, and to engage them in contributing to the development of their community through volunteering or social entrepreneurship initiatives;
  • To improve the inclusion of young people in their community, personally and professionally, through creative artistic and cultural practices in presence and at a distance.


  • A research survey to identify the expectations and issues of the different actors (organizations, youth, artistic & cultural actors, local decision makers) concerning the development of skills and accessibility to artistic and cultural activities;
  • A digital and interactive platform "Multiculti ART" setting up a diversified network of actors benefiting from a sharing of artistic and cultural offers in favor of all citizens of the partner communities;
  • 5 online training modules to support and accompany young people wishing to invest themselves as social entrepreneurs in the fields of art and culture;
  • A GIS (Geographical Information System) interactive map to promote and visualize information related to cultural and artistic activities taking place in the partner communities;
  • An interactive e-tutorial video to allow everyone to understand the assets of the smart city in terms of art and culture and to effectively use, contribute to and sustain the platform;
  • A promotional video of the platform to promote and democratize its use.