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Project partners


Strasbourg, France

The Association Migration, Solidarité et Développement (AMSED) has been working since 1998 as an NGO for intercultural dialogue and local development. Through international projects, solidarity missions, Euro-Mediterranean exchanges, street activities and sponsorship for employment, AMSED helps young people and adults with fewer opportunities to improve their daily lives and allows them to achieve their dreams. Promoting the meeting of cultures to learn from each other and become aware of our richness and potential is at the heart of AMSED's projects.

Families of the World ASBL

Waterloo, Belgium

Families of the World ASBL is a non-profit organization made up of families from different cultures and countries, based in Belgium. FAMIDO has a team of adult and youth animators who design, organize and carry out various activities in the field of migration and non-formal education, among others. FAMIDO works with children, young people, adults and families to raise their awareness of the miogration process and provide them with different types of tools to understand and try to develop this process as a lifelong learning project.

Solidarity Tracks

Lefkada, Greece

Solidarity Tracks is a NGO promoting youth exchanges, mobility and intercultural learning on European and worldwide scale. Solidarity Tracks disseminate the value of the human rights and pursue the initiative of responsible and sustainable development. The actions of Solidarity Tracks support individuals’ personal development in relation to local sustainable development. The ultimate goal of the NGO is to understand the links which unite people, inspire us, supports the spirit for an equal and mutual development.

Gazi University

Ankara, Turkey

Gazi University is an international institution of higher education dedicated to ensuring equal educational opportunity. It is one of the largest universities in Turkey with its faculties from education to communication, fine arts to engineering, sports to forestry, medicine to pharmacy, dentistry to science and economics. The academic performance and services of Gazi University has been approved by international rating agencies such as URAP and LEIDEN. Ranked in the top 5 universities in Turkey, Gazi University also has its place among the top 500 universities in the overall ranking.